About Us

Paws for Cake


About us.

In 2010 we started attending agility classes with our dog Nelly.  The lady that ran the classes recommended liver cake as a treat to use around the course to give your dog incentive.

When we got home I looked up the recipe online and decided to bake some ready for our next class.  It was a smelly thing to make but it could be frozen in portions for each class.  Nelly loved it and it soon got a lot of interest from other dogs.  Our fellow classmates asked about the cake and I started taking orders.

One of my friends then bought me a doggie coo

k book and I started baking a variety of dog treats.

We began to speak to lots of dog owners and breeders and after some trial stalls the idea for Paws for Cake was born………

We started trading in April 2011 and the response to our treats has been amazing, as our journey has been.

We have attended many events and dog shows throughout Cornwall, Devon and even Somerset!!!

We now sell in a variety of outlets and have our own online shop.

We have moved out of our home kitchen and into a fabulous grade II listed Fire engine shed at Foundry Farm, Hayle, and Cornwall.  (It’s a great place to work.)

Our team consists of……..

Tina    (aka Mrs Paws) 






Speciality baker and creator of doggie delectables.

Pete    (aka Mr Paws)





Events co-ordinator, salesman and master of all things webby.

Sheila   (aka Grandma Paws)




Superstar baker!!







Chief taster and quality control







Junior taster and super model

What’s important to us.

We always use quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.

We always use free range eggs and most of our herbs are home grown.

We use local small businesses for supplies and services wherever possible.

We don’t use preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings.

We like to re-use, reduce and recycle.

 Biscuits are prepared with love.

Baked in slow time.

And packed with care.

If you were going to cook something for your dog you’d want to do it like we do.