About Us

Starting out as a kitchen table business in 2011 Paws for Cake was inspired by cooking for our first dog Nelly. Nelly’s hobby of agility prompted Tina to bake Liver cake to tempt her around the course. Liver cake is a very smelly thing to bake and it was not long before others in our group, were asking to buy our cake. This led onto the idea of baking biscuit style treats as well, so they did not have to be kept in the fridge or freezer. So many of the treats available had lots of e-numbers and artificial flavourings and preservatives. We only wanted the best for our dog.

After some test stalls of our treats, at the local rescue centre, we were amazed at the response of both owners and dogs!! Paws for Cake as a business was born!!

After a year, the business moved from the kitchen, to our lovely grade II listed building at Foundry Farm Hayle. In 2015 we rented a second unit at Foundry Farm. We now do all the baking in the Old Fire Shed and all the packing and dispatch happens on the other side of the cobbled courtyard. We have grandly called these units ‘Paws H.Q.’

In 2014 Pete left his full-time job as a Marine Engineer to join Tina full time in the business.

Nelly has been joined by Jack and Olly who share the taste testing and quality control side of the business.

Over the years the business has grown gradually, and we are now proud to supply many lovely Cornish Shops, attractions, hotels, and holiday companies.

Making a good quality product is so important to us, and it is always so lovely when we get emails or calls to say how much someone’s dog has enjoyed our treats.

What’s important to us.

  • We always use quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.
  • We always use free range eggs and most of our herbs are home grown.
  • We use local small businesses for supplies and services wherever possible.
  • We do not use preservatives, additives, or artificial flavourings.
  • We like to re-use, reduce, and recycle.
  • Biscuits are prepared with love.
  • Baked in slow time.
  • And packed with care.
  • If you were going to cook something for your dog, you would want to do it like we do