Meet The Team

Aka Mrs Paws

Mainly responsible for coordinating the orders, packing, and parcelling up our online orders. Tina also deals with all that admin stuff if it is not too webby!!! (not a big fan of technology)
Happiest when cuddling dogs, gardening, and reading.

Aka Mr Paws

Chief baker of treats. Pete also coordinates our deliveries and any events we attend (he is much better at geography than Tina!!)
He is also a super star salesman and takes charge of our online shop.

Aka Grandma Paws

A massive help in starting the business, helping Tina with the baking.
Now Sheila helps out with packing at busy times and keeping the dogs’ company when out at events.


A real mixture of a dog, her Mum was a dalmatian and her Dad was a Collie/Belgian Sheppard mix.
The oldest and most experienced, taste tester and quality control member.
Nelly despite her years is still very energetic and her favourite thing is a tennis ball, or even better lots of tennis balls!!!


A Border Collie
Jack loves his food so sampling treats makes him super happy. As well as eating he loves to pose for the camera. He knows he’s handsome!!!


A mix of Nelly and Jack.
Seven years old now, Olly will always be the puppy of the pack.
He is a big boy but very soppy. Olly loves his role as chief guard dog though, he loves to look out the windows and bark a ‘beware I live here’ message. He is a loving and protective dog; his favourite thing is a good head rub.